The Slinger

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The only golf swing improvement tool in history that can teach and visually confirm proficiency of golf’s two most important swing fundamentals – Release and Swing Plane. Learning this critical underpinning of a swing will guarantee longer drives, more consistency and ultimately take strokes off your game. Not only does the Slinger improve accuracy, distance and consistency, it is a portable 27” club, safe for indoor use, and makes learning your best golf swing fun. If you are ready for a golf tool that is easy-to-use and will significantly improve your game, then you are ready for the Slinger.

The Smart Investment

Consider that a good driver, depending on the shaft used, can cost you upwards of a thousand dollars, and a putter can easily cost over two hundred dollars, the Slinger is a bargain. It’s probably the only club you’ll use your entire golf career, and the only club you can depend on to center your game and keep you playing well.

The Slinger Improves your Game

The Slinger used in conjunction with the Inside Move and Velcro target is a complete swing training system that you can use anywhere. The Slinger teaches correct swing fundamentals, release and swing plane, resulting in greater distance, more accurate shots and the consistency required to beat the crap out of your buddies.

How Does it Work?

The process of maintaining the ball in the unique built-in cup throughout your swing and then properly propelling it forward from the cup will train your muscles to release the ball correctly and flow through a correct swing plane. The Slinger provides immediate feedback on the ball’s trajectory allowing for self-correction and the 27″ club allows portability for use both indoors and outdoors.

Get More Distance with Your Driver

A bad swing leaks energy, robbing you of distance. A good swing conserves energy and applies it squarely at the back of the ball, increasing the distance of your drives. The best clubs, shafts, grips money can buy can’t make up for the distance lost by a bad swing. The Slinger is the inexpensive, enduring answer to a good swing and longer drives.

The Slinger Community

With the support of our valued customers and PGA Teaching Professionals we have put together the Slinger Online Community. We provide Slinger Drills, Community Input and the latest Slinger News to all our current and future Slinger customers. Please checkout the Resource Center of our site for all you Slinger support needs.

The Slinger is Fun!

The Slinger used in conjunction with the Inside Move and Velcro target is a complete swing training system that you can use anywhere and learn a great golf swing while competing with your friends and family. Like the Slinger, the Velcro Target is portable. Take it wherever you go. The Slinger is for all levels of golfer and all ages of players. The Slinger’s smaller size allows for use in homes, garages, offices, clubs, firehouses, anywhere you go – year-round maintenance and improvement of your golf game. The Slinger is a must for beginning golfers, as well as intermediate and advanced golfers. No other swing training tool gives you precise visual feedback of the ball’s trajectory with every swing. With the help of instructions provided on this site or by the Slinger Advisory Staff, you’ll learn how to use the Slinger, and how to interpret what the ball’s trajectory is teaching you. Once you learn the nine basic trajectories, you’ll be able to self-correct your swing using the Slinger, keeping you at the top of your game – anytime, anywhere.