The Swish Drill

This drill is used to help you understand how to maintain angle or lag in your downswing and help avoid casting. Casting or releasing too early in your downswing can cause poor contact, direction and a loss of distance. This drill can be performed with the Slinger or a normal golf club. The swish drill is very similar to how you would throw a ball. Start by holding the club upside down or by the club head with your throwing hand. Your other arm can be put across your chest or behind your back. Take your normal 6 or 7 iron stance. Make your normal backswing and allow your throwing arm to take the club to the top of your backswing. At the top your wrist should be cocked and your throwing arm should be bent at a 90 degree angle. As you unwind or start your downswing allow your lower body to initiate with a slight lateral move followed by rotation and work into your finish position. The key to the drill is when you hear the swish of the club shaft in your downswing. Ideally you will hear the swish of the shaft at or slightly after the middle of your stance. If you hear the swish too early in your downswing or before the middle of your stance you have casted or released too soon. A great feeling with your throwing arm is too feel as if you are making a side arm tossing motion with a baseball or skipping a rock through a pond. As you learn to make the swish occur later in your downswing you will be gaining much more club head speed. Practice this drill often and you should notice a distance and accuracy increase.