The Step Drill

In a good swing, the lower body actually makes its move forwards before the club reaches the top of the swing. This drill is to teach the correct sequence of motion on the downswing using your Slinger. Set up with the Slinger as you normally would, then slide your left foot over towards the right so they are next to each other and the Slinger is about 6 inches behind where the ball would normally be in your stance. Keeping your grip pressure light and your arms loose, start the backswing. When the club reaches waist level, step forward with your left foot, returning it to its original position, like a batter stepping into a pitch. The clubhead will still be moving back as the lower body moves forward, which will increase your wrist cock to add leverage and power to your downswing and prevent the right shoulder from starting out during the downswing. Do this drill using the Slinger repeatedly until you feel how the lower body initiates the downswing.