The Pump Drill

This drill helps you work on and feel how to approach the ball with proper angles on the downswing. The pump drill will also help a very common swing flaw which is to “cast” or release the club too early on the downswing. When this flaw occurs on the golf course the results are usually poor contact, severely offline shots and a loss of power or distance. When this flaw occurs with the Slinger the ball will release out of the cup too early on the downswing or can sometimes release out of the cup left or high left depending on other compensations. There are several causes for golfers to cast on there downswing. The two most common causes are the wrong philosophy at impact (golfer is trying to slide the club under the ball or scoop it up in the air) or severely open clubfaces at the top of the backswing (golfer will cast in an attempt to square the face up at impact).


  • After checking your grip and clubface positions on the backswing and during your release positions to make sure there all correct. Practice swinging the Slinger to the top of your back swing. If you have pivoted correctly and allowed your wrists to cock during your backswing there should be approximately a 90 degree angle between the left arm and clubshaft at the top of backswing.
  • One you have achieved proper backswing positioning start your downswing by shifting your weight laterally and then rotating slightly. As your lower body initiates your downswing allow your arms to free fall to a half way down checkpoint with the clubshaft parallel to the ground and your target line. If you have allowed the club to fall correctly there should still be a 90 degree angle or possibly less between the clubshaft and your left arm. The toe of the club should be pointing up. Practice this drill several times a day to add much more distance and accuracy to your shots.