The L-Swing Drill

Once the toe-up drill has been mastered you can begin making slightly larger swings. The “L” swing drill adds the hinging of the wrists on the backswing and the unhinging of the wrists on the forward swing. Proper wrist and arm action are vital to the position of the clubface and the velocity of your golf swing. Hold the Slinger with a neutral grip and correct posture. Have a target line established. Swing the Slinger back _ or to where your left arm is parallel to the ground and close to parallel to the target line. The club shaft and left arm should form an “L”, to do this your wrists must hinge. The knuckle count on your left wrist should be the same it was at address this will ensure your clubface is still in a square position if your grip was neutral at address. The grip end of the club should point at an extension of the target line ensuring the club shaft is on the proper plane. Your shoulder turn should be between 50 and 70 degrees with the weight on the inside of your right foot. To initiate the forward swing allow your weight to shift and rotate back to your left side. The correct weight shift will guide the Slinger on the correct downswing plane. The ball will release out of the Slinger at impact when the shaft and your left arm line up. For this to happen you must release your right hand, arm hip and knee through the impact position and into a _ follow through position. The end result of your “L” swing follow through will mirror your backswing “L”. Your arms should finish in front of center with both the upper left and right arms connected to your chest. The grip end will once again be pointing at an extension of the target line. Your left arm will have started to slightly bend while your right arm is in a slightly bent to straight position.