The Impact Drill

Impact is by far the most misunderstood position in golf. Many amateurs never get much better during there golf careers simply because they have the wrong philosophy about where they are supposed to be at the impact position. Without proper impact alignments good ball striking will always seem very elusive. This drill will help you understand impact more clearly and be on your way to better ball striking.

The most common impact misconceptions are:

  • Impact should look the same as set-up.
  • You need to slide the club under the ball or scoop it to get it air born

Better ideas for impact:

  • Other than your head every other part of your body should be more left or forward at impact
  • When the ball is on the ground you need to hit the ball first then the ground (divot starts after the ball)


Swing the slinger back half way to a toe-up position. Feel your lower body initiate the downswing by shifting laterally first then rotating. As your lower body leads the downswing allow your hands to lead the clubhead and the left wrist to rotate or bow to where the back of the left hand is facing the target at impact. Stop and hold this position. If you have executed impact correctly the ball will come out low but straight. Practice this drill daily and you will notice much better contact on the golf course.