Ball Flight Grid: Upper Left

Suggested Changes

Click the numbered references on the right to watch a video and learn why it’s happening and how to fix it!




Poor Grip Make sure grip is neutral 1
Poor posture or alignment Check alignment and posture 2
Releasing too late Toe-up drill or “L” swing drill to work on release / or feel release happening earlier 3, 9, 10
Clubhead to high at impact vs address Pick a spot on the ground to swing over 4
Cupped at impact with left wrist/breakdown Slinger impact drill to flatten left wrist at impact/or Slinger swish drill to work on lag 5, 11, 12
Outside to in (over the top) swingpath Try to make a more in to out downswing/refer to Slinger inside out drills 6
Excessive shoulder tilt at impact Feel right shoulder higher or more level at impact 7
Hanging back or all weight on backfoot at impact Slinger step drill to allow weight to shift to start the downswing 8, 15